A shocking video of a bull mounting a cow before being hit by a car has been viewed thousands of times after being posted
I'm already half-awake when the soft ping of my alarm nudges me to get out of bed. It's four o'clock and there's a ninety minute drive to the farm, so I need to get going. I quickly pull on some old clothes and head out into the dark, frosty morning.
U.S. author Maggie Stiefvater has sold over two million books worldwide, with hits including the Shiver series, The Scorpio Races and The Raven Boys - YA stories with a fantasy twist.
This video may be a little old, but (a) we'd never seen it before, (b) it's going viral right now and (c) it brought a big
Hold up! Stop what you're doing! There's a cow over there and it's got something very important to say to us all - so do
How cows make friends is to be investigated in a three-year study. Scientists want to understand more about "social networking
Most people prefer to be woken up by alarm clocks, or a cup of tea, or a full English breakfast - but for one unlucky cul
A find described as “extremely rare” and “bizarre” has been uncovered in Cambridgeshire – an Anglo-Saxon woman buried with
The final Rio+20 outcomes and goals need to acknowledge the role of animals and their welfare within food production and wider society, and make on-going political and financial commitments to guarantee that we can feed the world's growing population sustainably and humanely.
Tesco is helping the systematic destruction of pristine rainforest by stocking beef products made by a controversial supplier