Cressida Dick

There's been some confusion, with differing advice across the UK. Here's what you need to know.
An investigation into how the suspect was able to kill Sgt Matt Ratana inside a custody is being carried out by the police watchdog.
The 54-year-old was shot at the south London station in the early hours of Friday morning.
Baroness Doreen Lawrence said: “Whilst the Metropolitan Police have given up, I never will."
It comes following a series of recent high-profile cases including two Black athletes who were stopped and searched by officers.
Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick said "if there are lessons to be learned from it, we will learn them".
Despite high profile complaints made about police encounters with Black men, Commissioner remains adamant her force is not as bad as campaigners fear.
Proctor has asked the broadcaster to ‘be upfront’ with its apology.
The climate change activists reveal the cost of their protests in Westminster, from events and tech, to "feeding 20,000 rebels a day".
Activists are just four days into a fortnight of planned protest.