Danny O'Donoghue

Finally! We can drop the whole, "We're not the X-Factor. Honestly!" nonsense and get down to a reality sing-off that resembles
Now that the blind auditions are over, you can sadly no longer play along with The Voice by turning your armchair around
Before you ask, yes I have watched both 'battle rounds' of The Voice this weekend. Anyone who was on Twitter, and if you weren't then it's probably time to pull the red chord and get the nurse to tell you what it is, will know that I was tweeting my bitchy little bum off through both shows.
So, here we are again, to answer the most important question in modern Britain: IS THE VOICE BETTER THAN BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT? All is to play for as we continue to examine THE BATTLE OF THE JUDGES, this time focusing on the homoerotic inter-judge flirting.
So the 'blind' auditions are over at last. They may have been about as blind as the 'all-seeing-eye' but more on that later.
Tonight saw a magical conclusion to the final round of spinning chairs on The Voice, as the judges completed their line-ups
Danny O'Donoghue has become a sex symbol following the success of hit reality show The Voice - he is regularly bombarded
Do you ever get the feeling that the world has cocked a formerly deaf ear in your direction? I'm starting to suspect that those savvy telly types at The Voice are listening to tutting head shakers like me and chucking in a few tweaks, albeit too late.
Blind auditions on The Voice continued on Saturday night's show with plenty of experienced singers trying their luck. West
Right! Before we start- before we even think about starting and are still in bed scrambling for the snooze button, let's get something very clear indeed. The Voice ISN'T about finding a voice. Let's just knock that idea on the head and put it in a dark corner to come round in its own time and wander off unnoticed shall we?
The BBC's new talent contest The Voice, seen as the rival to Britain's Got Talent and the antidote to ITV's image- obsessed
1. For The Calibre Of Judges Tom Jones, Will.i.am, Jessie J and Danny O'Donoghue all have successful music careers themselves
“Jessie puts them through their paces,” says Tom Jones about his fellow The Voice coach Jessie J. TV talent shows traditionally
"When The Voice hits the air you'll see it's a game-changer," says Danny O'Donoghue, the Irish frontman of indie soft rockers
Sir Tom Jones was left red-faced after failing to choose his former support act frontwoman when she auditioned on the UK
"Everything that I look for is probably something that I look for in myself," says Jessie J, the 23-year-old singer who's
"When I first came to London in 1963 and tried to get a record contract they said 'you look too macho'," reveals Tom Jones
World-conquering star Adele would have been rejected if she had tried to find fame on The X Factor, according to The Script's
The launch of The Voice, the BBC's new singing contest with a difference, is getting ever closer and today the show's first
This is our first chance to check out the space-age set for BBC One's The Voice, which is set to hit our screens in the coming