Defence Secretary

Ukip could take the Liberal Democrats' place in the next general election leaders' debates, Liam Fox has suggested. David
A shake-up of Army bases to accommodate a speeded-up return of all troops from Germany will mean the disposal of seven sites
A Conservative MP has said those who dabble daily with doughnuts should get their just desserts and pay for treatment before
Defence giant BAE Systems is planning to axe more than 600 jobs and close a historic factory which made tanks during the
A Cabinet minister hit out at big company bosses accusing them of "whingeing" and refusing to invest in jobs and the British
Philip Hammond is to warn Iran that any attempt to block the Strait of Hormuz, a vital shipping lane, would be "illegal and
Philip Hammond will replace Liam Fox as defence secretary after Fox's resignation on Friday afternoon. Treasury minister
Journalists have been busy coming up with clever headlines for stories on defence secretary Liam Fox's friendship with Adam
Energy Secretary Chris Huhne has defended his colleague Defence Secretary Liam Fox from what he called a "trial by media
Defence Secretary Liam Fox has jetted into Libya as allegations over his working relationship with a former flatmate continued