Dermot Murnaghan

Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott was left struggling for words when probed by Sky News presenter Dermot Murnaghan
Dermot Murnaghan has revealed the shocking facial injuries he sustained in a hit-and-run attack in central London. The ‘Sky
‘Pointless’ has garnered all the headlines this week with its change of roles for hosts Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman
Tory Minister Anna Soubry today branded stories about Conservative splits over the EU “seriously boring” as she attacked
If you are the one in the spotlight, whatever the topic, don't just be reactive - think hard about what you really want to get across, and do your best to anticipate any awkward questions, so you are not caught on the hop.
Yesterday was a bad day for Sky News. But I've no doubt they will consider it a triumph - and I find that incredibly worrying.
The "best opportunity" to catch Jimmy Savile over abuse claims was missed by police who decided not to interview the former