In the earliest days of humanity's existence, everything that happened beyond anyone's control or understanding was blamed on - or credited to - the gods. It was a deeply spiritual world until the pendulum swung well over to the side of science, with a new demand for facts, hard evidence and proof rather than mere belief.
Destiny: The Taken King (otherwise known as Destiny 1.5) has been causing something of a stir in the gaming community. Simultaneously angering and exciting players the expansion that launches almost exactly a year after Destiny first arrived is going to be game-changing in every sense of the word.
Destiny: The Taken King is set to be the single largest update to Bungie's billion-dollar game since it first launched in
People of the gaming world, don't panic. Destiny is only down for maintenance. Bungie confirmed via Twitter that the blockbuster
A study has claimed that people who play action video games could be at a higher risk of developing a neurological or psychiatric
Activision has released the official launch trailer for the second Destiny expansion: House of Wolves. The expansion pack
A recent house move has necessitated a ruthless clean out of those old boxes lurking under stairs and in the loft and which contain memories of a past long gone. My dream of living in a very small space is about to become a reality but more on that later.
A long time ago, there were two ladies who became friends, whilst waiting for appointments at their local doctors surgery. Both were expecting babies, and they just hit it off....You know when two people meet and suddenly you become friends for life, this is what happened to them.
We do not have to live life by the hand it dealt us. No, we choose our own path and say, "This is the life I'm going to live and this is the person I'm going to be... and I'm damned if anything is going to change that."
Activision had some pretty big numbers to announce during its earnings call, one of which was how many people are currently