Sony and Spotify have announced a new service called PlayStation Music which will let you connect your Spotify account to
I've been thinking about the psychology of Destiny's loot system and how it compares to other games. I think they've done one thing well and one thing not as well. Let's look at something I think Bungie's designers flubbed on first.
Over the next few months Destiny is going to change in a massive way. As proof that Destiny is an ongoing project, Bungie
The Tech Goody bag is bag, and this month we've got not one but two prizes with the winner getting a Motorola Moto G and
Destiny is out now for all major console formats (last and next gen). Key Features: Intense FPS action with deep RPG character
'Destiny', the new RPG-shooter from Actvision and Halo-creators Bungie, famously cost a staggering $500 million to develop
Destiny is here. Activision and Bungie's long-awaited dystopian sci-fi shooter -- which happened to cost an estimated $500
It was in a whirlwind of optimism that I pre-ordered my PS4... Unpacking the sleek black box my touch outlined the embossed PS4 logo. I slid off its thin protective bag and placed it on the shelf it would call home... in reality all it had that was 'next gen' was 'great Wi-Fi'.
We've already played (and loved) a fair bit of Destiny, the revolutionary FPS-RGP-shooty game, thanks to the full Alpha and
Gamescom 2014 is underway, and the big companies are already rolling through their press announcements with the fanfare and