Sotheby's auction house is preparing to auction off two extremely rare gem stones - a 118-carat white diamond and a round
Jewels worth up to £100 million were brazenly stolen by an armed masked man on Sunday from an exclusive hotel in Cannes on
Fabergé has always been the pride of the Russian cultural empire and a gem of its heritage crown. An evening at the Grafton Street boutique is an insightful way to discover why.
Canada is often known for its clean environment, respect for nature and the unkempt wilderness. This appreciation for all things natural has manifested itself in a specific outlet - diamonds.
It has been a really long time since the wonderful Marilyn Monroe assured us that 'diamonds are a girl's best friend' but the notion had always been fairly vague to me.
Scientists have discovered a planet made of diamonds. The strange alien world is roughly twice the size of Earth, eight times
Rihanna has unveiled her new single Diamonds. CLICK HERE TO HAVE A LISTEN, AND SEE WHAT YOU THINK The We Found Love singer
A massive field of diamonds worth trillions of pounds has been discovered underneath a meteorite crater in Russia, scientists
Whether it's for a present or as an investment there are some key things to look for when buying a diamond. Following these tips will help you choose the perfect diamond for her or for you.
Sotheby's auction house have announced the sale of the ridicu-normous Cora Sun-Drop diamond as part of their upcoming Magnificent