DNA sequencing

There are 6,000 tweets sent a second. In the time you have read this sentence, 42,000 tweets will have been sent. At an average
'This thought-provoking research highlights the damage alcohol can do to our cells.'
An image of a hand and a GIF of a horse running have both been encoded into the DNA of a bacteria. Using a technique that
'It could provide a healthy, nutritious food source for the world.'
It’s the food du jour in trendy London restaurants, but quinoa could soon be set to shed its hipster image. A new study suggests
It is smaller than your smartphone. It plugs into your laptop with a standard USB cable. What is it? A new DNA sequencer. This week, it has been named amongst Science magazine's top 10 breakthroughs of the year.
Genecoin is a 'service' that will reportedly take your sequenced DNA, turn it into digital data and then store it in the
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