dog poo

Far-right activists holding a rally in San Francisco on Saturday will be met with a minefield of dog poo in a counter-protest
One of the benefits of being a 'responsible dog owner' and picking up after your dog is that you pay attention to his or her poop and this can help you to monitor health and wellbeing. Learn what 'normal' looks like for your dog so you can spot any changes or potential problems.
A camouflaged vigilante is confronting and filming people in his town who do not clean up their dogs' poo in attempt to shame
"No S**t Sherlock!", the new slogan for a local anti-dog mess poster campaign, has been causing a stir at council meetings
A council has defended a controversial poster campaign for cleaner streets which shows a toddler appearing to eat dog poo
A Madrid town hall has decided to box up dog poo and mail it back to the offending owners to clean up its streets. The town
Source: Caters A blind man was fined by an overzealous park ranger for not cleaning up after his dog - even though he couldn't
How do you solve a problem like dog owners letting their pets defecate in the street? Well, you could fine them like we do