The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has released their list of the most controversial ads of the past year. A total of 29,997 complaints were received. All of the adverts in the top ten had one common thread – they were all challenged on the grounds of offence. In response to complaints reported in the media, two ads were quickly removed by the advertisers (Dove and McDonald’s) without the need for further ASA action.
Did I get here because I deserved it? Or was there a quota to be filled?
“I am strong, I am beautiful, and I will not be erased.”
Lola Ogunyemi suggested the meaning of the ad has been 'misinterpreted'.
A model who starred in the controversial Dove advert that was branded “racist” by many, has spoken out to say she is “not
'It showed a vast ignorance of a history in which blackness has been linked to dirtiness.'
The public protector and minister of police are under fire and Telkom has cut its ties with KPMG.
Following Dove’s apology over its Facebook advert, deemed ‘racist’ by many, we spoke to five black women to hear how the
The company could have avoided the embarrassment of its racist Facebook ad by applying human-centred design to its campaign.
‘The tone deafness in these companies makes no sense.’
'The tone deafness in these companies makes no sense.'
Some commenters tried to defend the advert, with one writing on the post: “I think they meant it’s for all skin types... it
And with evolving aspirations for wellness and experiences, a need for flexibility, recognition and self-development, it will be the brands that engage and entertain their female audience on an intuitive level - and give them an emotional and intellectual incentive to spend time with them - that she will trust.
A spokesperson for Dove told HuffPost UK: “Dove celebrates real women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and ethnicities in our
Society piles on the pressure for mums to strive to be what we deem as the 'perfect' mum. Could certain images which are shared across social media, celeb magazines and ad campaigns be adding to this pressure and doing more harm than good?
A very wise woman once said of advertising, "do the kind of work nobody else is doing". Now I'm no fan of hanging my hat on the pithy one-liners of advertising greats. It feels a little bit like Sun Tzu quotations on strategy slides, or Steve Jobisms introducing creative work. But doing the work nobody else is doing appeals because of its blunt and instructive clarity.
When Kellyanne Conway uttered the words "alternative facts" on Chuck Todd's morning show a little over a week ago, she received