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The government has unveiled the driverless cars that will be tested on UK roads - but admits that changes in the Highway
Taxi hailing app Uber may be looking to cut out its drivers, judging by a new agreement with Carnegie Mellon University to
The developers of driverless cars are under a great deal of pressure to ensure that systems are completely secure. A hacked car would have the potential to cause massive damage.
Driverless cars, for which extensive testing starts in the new year, could be on the roads within 15 years, engineers believe
The Institution of Engineering and Technology has warned that even though driverless cars are a reality, the fear of hacking
However, many people can't understand why racing a car is still a socially acceptable occupation. After all, these things seemingly run round and round, burning valuable fuel for no apparent reason.
Trials of driverless cars will start in January 2015, the government announced on Wednesday - but a lot of people aren't
The aim of these concept images sent out by Rinspeed was to show what a futuristic "living room on wheels" might be like
The government has announced its plans for driverless cars in the UK - but surely everyone will want to drive an Apple iCar
Perhaps in an effort to rid itself of the title of 'Crap Town', Milton Keynes has developed a rather cool and futuristic