Drug rehabilitation

As drug deaths reach record levels, we must remember drugs like heroin offer brief but exceptionally powerful relief from mental health problems, addiction expert Adrian Riley writes.
People in the north-east were also shown to be three times as likely to die from drug misuse as those in London.
Former drug addicts should be appointed lay magistrates to sit in specialist courts dealing with substance abuse-related
From heroin to cocaine and ecstasy the people who call me have realised that what San Patrignano offers is a long term solution that works and I am proud to say that I can now help anyone in this country who wants to enter the community.
I just read a story written by Richard Branson that he wants to relax the laws on smoking marijuana and I am worried that if this happens then more young people like I did will think that it is ok to smoke a joint. The thought that my little brother back home could buy marijuana easily just like buying chewing gum makes me very worried.
Through Jamie Oliver's charity Fifteen, I am also working with two other special communities one in Italy called San Patrignano and the other in Slovenia called the S Project. I call the young people who I mentor "kids" and each and every one of them from Fifteen, Sanpa and the S Project continue to inspire me.
Mr Branson, let me ask you a few questions: How many desperate mothers of addicts have you listened to? How many times have you taken an addict into your home and nursed him back to health, taking the time to understand him? Have you met with many who have lost all their money and possessions while a family member struggled through years of drug abuse?