A British man who has been in jail without trial since 2004 while fighting extradition to the US on terror charges has pleaded
Two high-profile Islamic terrorist prisoners who claimed their human rights were violated when they were segregated for extended
Let me start by saying I found the European Court of Human Rights' decision on Abu Qatada baffling; I firmly believe a country's
The government is "very concerned" by the decision to grant Abu Qatada bail, the attorney general said on Tuesday. But it's
David Cameron is seeking to change the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) so that it no longer serves as an automatic
Christian fundamentalists should cease their phoney claims of persecution and drop their demand to be able to discriminate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Instead, they should concentrate on supporting their fellow Christians elsewhere in the world who are suffering real and grave persecution because of their faith.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Defying European judges over giving the vote to prisoners may look "macho" but would weaken the United