Economy and Governance

"The ANC alliance has started to break up, and we need it to happen. We need to move away from racially based politics towards policy-driven politics."
Violent confrontation at the Eastern Cape ANC's elective conference exposed the vacuity of the party's year-long ode to Oliver Tambo in 2017.
"We have agreed to continue to formally engage with KPMG SA as they make progress in the areas already identified for immediate rectification."
All the problems we are facing in the ANC tell you one thing and one thing only.
Politics is my blood. Since the turn of the last century, successive generations of Cachalias have evinced an unbroken record of service to this country.
As Nigeria's economic development continues to stutter, what lessons can we learn and how can we position ourselves?
Makhosi Khosa has, in the end, become a victim of the political chaos in the ANC.
The fact is that the price paid in SA for electricity is distorted not only by cross-subsidization but also by fiscal incentives, grants and waivers.
For emerging markets like ours, it is a concern that the G20, through international standard-setting bodies, has crafted a one-size-fits-all approach.
We need to demonstrate to 55 million South Africans that 23 years of democracy have benefited everybody.