Economy and Governance

Kenya and Tanzania are both expected to grow their economies significantly until 2021 at least. But there are two brakes on international investment both nations must address.
The euphoria has abated, but is the presidency already blighted? I’d argue not, but that it can feel that way.
With another taxi strike hitting commuters, we rounded up some alternatives that are safe and affordable.
'Good education, safe jobs, decent pay – all through South African-German partnering.'
In this day and age, everything is a 'brand' it seems. People are brands. And (obvs) brands are brands. Increasingly, however, countries are brands too.
Male 'economic' production, philosopher Silvia Federici argued, was impossible without women’s uncompensated 'non-economic' labour.
Government is never an efficient way to build an economy or achieve an objective.
The minister for women has already let down South African women too often.
'As young people we have the responsibility to ensure that we consistently fight all the societal ills that we face.'
'It is important South Africans make an honest self-introspection and encourage their leaders to retire or resign at the age of 60.'