Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

The Girls actor thanked her cane in a poignant post on Instagram.
What happens when the state takes a backseat in matters of health and welfare? Roll back the clock to Victorian times and you find an answer: voluntary organisations step in and attempt to fill the breach. Often referred to by historians as the 'age of philanthropy', the nineteenth century witnessed an extraordinary growth in this sector.
Hello, my name is Jessica, I'm a 38 year old single mother of the two most wonderful children in the world, I love music, the outdoors, being by the sea. I also have a very rare genetic condition which has left me fighting for my life and having to raise a massive £150,000 to fund my own life saving surgery in America.
I have not had the chance to complete exams or experience many milestones that teenagers and young adults have. I didn't
In 2014 my life changed. On holiday in Tenerife, I went on a boat out to see the dolphins, we had the chance to trapeze into the sea, being the person I am I jumped at the chance! Unfortunately, as I hit the cold water and gasped for air I swallowed a large amount of sea water. This gave me a severe gastritis.
A woman with a health condition that causes her chronic pain has been left in tears after receiving an anonymous note because
My pain started when I was nine. We don't really know why (that's the nature of the thing, I guess) and I went from being a normal child, running around with my friends, to one that couldn't do that because of the terrible pain that had developed, especially in my knees.
A new year, a new start. It's that slightly daunting, yet optimistic phrase for many of us as we enter the start of a new
Every day is a challenge and we deal with it as it happens, as best we can. We do not have the beauty and joy in life to be completely spontaneous, to set time limits and to do as we please because pain, head to toe is a part of our package.
Life is what you make it, despite the cards you may have been dealt. Life isn't always fair but it is a gift. My physical pain could allow me to stay hidden away in bed for my entire life if I allowed it to, yet I know this will not bring me joy in the long run or in my present...