The One With The Power Outage "One time my dad ripped a HUMONGOUS fart and killed all the power in the neighbourhood. Literally
'My dad made a song about penises and vaginas and sang it at any opportunity.'
It’s an unwritten rule that dads have to embarrass you growing up - otherwise they’re just not doing their job properly.  Redditors
To my wife’s boss... “My wife and I both had bosses named Ken. One day, I wasn’t feeling the greatest so I texted her boss
The morning after I gave birth, I got out of bed, and a cascade of wee followed. I had lost all my bladder control. It was so humiliating, and really embarrassing to try and get the nursing staff to come and clean up.
Whilst it is understandable that anything that combines parents and 'getting jiggy' are quite possibly the most mortifying situations to be in, other activities that made the 'Top 10 Cringe Index' seem questionable.
I put my fist into the sock and pull it down my arm, unfortunately, because of the two large holes in the sock it looks a bit like my puppet is wearing a balaclava. It looks a bit like a Provisional I.R.A. sock puppet. How did this happen? I look at the Irish woman in front of me and swallow the Belfast accent.
When any company makes an advert, they want it to go viral. Of course they do - virality means more clicks, and more clicks