empty homes

Homelessness in the UK has reached a record high while there are more than 227,000 empty homes around the country. Community groups like Canopy Housing, in Leeds are bringing empty homes back into use for people in housing need.
Having spent the majority of my adult life in Leeds, I've seen the city grow into an incredible place over the last eight
Boris Johnson seems to have unveiled a surprise pledge to spend £15 to bring empty homes back into use. In his monthly "#AskBoris
This week offers a chance to celebrate the progress made in bringing some of Britain's 710,000 empty homes back into use. Unfortunately, there is also reason to fear some of those responsible for 'regenerating' our towns and cities remain overly-fond of bulldozers and land-banking deals with developers.
Squatters will face up to six months in prison and so-called squatters' rights scrapped as it becomes a criminal offence
The number of empty homes in England has increased by nearly 12,000 over a year to stand at 662,105 in April, Halifax has
As some readers will no doubt be aware, last week was National Empty Homes week. It managed to garner a lot more attention than normal thanks to a week of action from the Empty Homes Agency, who worked together with Channel 4 presenter George Clarke on a series of programmes that focussed on tackling the housing crisis, and in particular on empty homes.
Councils and landlords should sell or let empty properties at discounted prices in a bid to reclaim the one million empty