Eskom has been able to secure funding after running out of cash last year and its new CEO has been widely hailed.
'The leadership of the judiciary must be able to go through the eye of the needle to mitigate against abuse.'
President Cyril Ramaphosa says when reports of state capture at Eskom emerged, he thought it was isolated; that a 'wheel-nut' had come off.
Parliament has handed over transcripts from its inquiry into state capture at Eskom to the judicial inquiry.
Suzanne Daniels is facing a disciplinary hearing over her involvement in the McKinsey/Trillian deal.
It seems the global consultancy firm didn't believe the Eskom leadership to be honest brokers – and insisted on a court process to finalise the matter.
The firm’s no longer doing business with state-owned companies
The struggling mines are renegotiating their contracts with Eskom.
The power utility last week had to inform Nersa that coal stockpiles at seven of its power stations had dropped below the minimum level.
"Solar and wind energy have become important and irreplaceable sources of electricity in my country."