Going on one of these tours, sleeping in a favela guesthouse or having dinner in a tourist friendly favela restaurant does offer an alternative to mainstream Rio. So, would YOU spend a night sleeping in a slum?
In a move that we hope other confectioners will follow, Mars Bars in the UK and Ireland will be made with Fairtrade certified
Our dialogues which both underpin and overarch our practical initiatives will include reflecting on what we might say together, and differently, about the mission of Jesus Christ and the Prophet Muhammad...
MADE in Europe's campaign 'Every Garment has a Name' seeks to campaign for the rights of workers on campaigning days like these. They aim to humanise the high street by changing attitudes of clothing retailers in the long run, and looking for long term solutions of lacking development through education. Check them out, and get involved!
Today we see many sustainable brands borne out of this love for vintage , Christopher Raeburn and Junky Styling London, to name but two. However, as the market demands clothing with a conscience more sustainable fabrics and ethical means of manufacture become available.
While many clothes companies have been associated with the Dhaka factory tragedy, low-cost, fast fashion provider Primark
Current "conscience clauses" which allow pharmacists to opt-out of giving women the morning after pill are not satisfactory
I believe that the 'flywheel' of business change is starting to spin faster. Why? Because the drivers for change are becoming starker and because the necessary business response is better understood.
After a turbulent year in the financial markets, National Ethical Investment Week 2012, which starts on Sunday 14 October, is set to be the biggest in its five-year history.
When we launched our eco and ethical programme, Plan A, in 2007 we made some big bold product related commitments. For example, to get all our wood and fish from the most sustainable source possible. It wasn't the wrong thing to do but we were looking through the lens of 'issue' rather than 'product'.