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One of the BNP’s bright, young stars has accused his dog of being gay. Manchester University student Jack ‘Boot’ Renshaw
Over the coming months, the Parliament will play a key role in setting the EU's course for the next five years as it conducts hearings of prospective commissioners and must approve the new European Commission as a whole.
We'd all like to believe that we live in a democratic society in which the needs and opinions of everyone are considered, regardless of gender, age or social status. But is this actually reflected in our political system?
For Europe's young people, who have often suffered worst from the crisis, many of them - notably in Spain and Italy - have supported left-wing or even far right political parties. Some of these far-right parties are promoting hate-speech, xenophobia, nationalist and Eurosceptic ideas.
The notion that the European Parliament is a gravy train riddled with waste and financial scandal is simple to pedal, especially when you need to score easy political points back home. However those that often pedal it, fail to acknowledge the reforms that are quietly taking place.
There must be a good probability that Nigel Farage will see the sense in coming to some form of rapprochement with the Tories over tactics with regard to the constituencies in which UKIP may choose to field candidates. If the Tories do get re-elected, there is at least the prospect of a referendum and UKIP will indeed have achieved something-game theory would certainly suggest this as his best course of action.
It is difficult to believe Sadiq Khan was once, in his own words, "an angry young man". The MP for Tooting and shadow justice
Jean-Marie Le Pen has been accused of spreading “anti-Semitic filth” by suggesting that a popular Jewish singer should be
Earthquakes are rarely predicted. But when they happen, we cannot help but take note of the devastation and try our utmost to repair it...
David Cameron will make one more attempt to get his plan for a in/out EU referendum by 2017 into law before the 2015 general