An In/Out referendum on Britain's membership of the EU could take place as early as June, though some members of Cameron's
The Prime Minister has used Labour's implosion, or day two of their reshuffle if you are being kind, to sneak out an announcement that his Ministers will be free to campaign on either side of the referendum on Britain's continued membership of the EU. It is yet another day that Britain needed David Cameron to show the courage of his convictions. It is sadly yet another day he has flunked that test and capitulated to calls on his right flank... The Prime Minister is failing to lead his own Government, let alone the country, putting his own internal party strife above what's best for Britain.
Cameron appears to be positioning himself firmly on the In side of the EU referendum without saying so explicitly. Not only this, but he is using his prominence as head of government to try to outmanoeuvre the main Out players.
David Cameron is fairly clear about many things. For example, he hates The Human Rights Act. He loves dropping bombs on Syria
‘Brexit’ would hamper Britain 's ability to deal with rapists, murderers and even terrorists, a new campaign to keep Britain
With the passage of the first round of reforms by the Greek Parliament, it would appear from the outset that the Eurogroup's proposals for Greece will become a reality in return for the next round of bailouts...
A leading Tory’s branding of the European Union as “the last gasp of an outdated ideology, a philosophy that has no place
A leading Tory Eurosceptic has urged David Cameron to resist calls for the promised in-out EU referendum to take place next
You can't win a war without taking away fertile grounds for conflict and upheaval. This is why we need to target the root causes of terrorism and radicalisation... Not more but better intelligence. Not less but more Europe. Not only fighting, but also preventing. Addressing the terrorism threat is a long haul - but it is a route we must take.
Britain's role within Europe is going to be much discussed in the coming months. A lot of truths and untruths will be trotted out by both sides of the debate. We will hear a lot of myths about what the UK can achieve vis-à-vis Europe in terms of reforming the EU and its institutions, or in terms of the relationship we can have if we leave...