Bernard was an accomplice to a crime at age 18. He is the ninth person to be executed as part of the Trump administration's end-of-office killing spree.
'Party’s over, bastard' said the sister of one of his victims
A convicted murderer who killed a couple during a shooting rampage 13 years ago was executed on Wednesday evening. Barney
If President Jokowi is to fix the drugs problem, he should employ human rights-based legal responses and evidence-based public health policy and measures, consistent with the spirit of health and human rights norms to protect the wellbeing of its citizens.
Indonesia is set to execute 16 prisoners next month after the Eid holidays, it has been announced. It then plans to kill
As President Fischer noted, and as Prime Minister Renzi will no doubt agree, a democratic country cannot permit any curtailment of human rights. That principle ought to apply to the Iranian people as well as to Europeans, and it ought to never be subject to compromise, even when there is economic incentive to ignore repression and violence.
More people were put to death around the world last year than at any point in the last quarter-century, a report has revealed
The Pope has called on Catholic leaders not to allow executions this year and said that he hopes that ultimately the death