Neil Libbert is a photojournalist whose career spans 55 years. He has taken images of some of the worlds most famous people from George Best when he was nineteen to Winston Churchill at 88 years old.
I've read the book, I've read the books about the book, I've seen the movie adaptation, and now I have had the pleasure of seeing the holiest of holies of the Beat Generation - the original manuscript of Jack Kerouac's novel, On The Road.
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As part of the V&A Dundee project, the latest exhibition to come to The McManus (Dundee's Art Gallery and Museum) is Selling
There can be few British Art lovers unfamiliar with David Inshaw's painting The Badminton Game. On the eve of his 70th birthday and a major new exhibition at The Fine Art Society, Robert Upstone went to visit him in Wiltshire.
We all know that this year marks the 50th anniversary since the Rolling Stones formed. And, much to the dubious excitement
I am pleased to present The Crown, a photographic exhibition that is "the multicultural trash-dreaming" vision of The Fourth Height, a Russian collective of three artists: Dina Kim, Katya Kameneva, and Gala Smirnskaya.
Sheep are a fixture in fields and nursery rhymes - rarely in contemporary art. But this series of photographs by award-winning
Artists have always been fascinated by capturing landscapes, but it is not often they get the chance to build their own. But
Dita Von Teese has been in London the last few nights, celebrating the launch of both the Christian Louboutin 20th anniversary
The FOTO8 Summershow 2012, the UK's only open-entry, annual photography show is centred around the premise that our photographs can provide compelling and powerful ways of seeing the world and create debate over what makes a great photograph.
An artist best known for choreographing a naked five-a-side football match will be staging a live performance exploring "sexuality
Today I took part in a Harry Potter Studios press tour, and one of the things I took away from the day was a bit of a scoop: one staff member indicated to me that they are looking into making it possible for fans to have their wedding ceremonies in the set of the Great Hall of Hogwarts!
Yasmin Arrigo discovers that the best way to engage with staff and customers is face-to-face In tough economic conditions
Artistic duo Gilbert and George have unveiled their latest exhibition - a series of pictures made up of thousands of pilfered
Patrick Lichfield is without doubt one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century - his work being of crucial
Despite the exhibition's central focus on the Hajj, it is about much more than a pilgrimage. The third and final exhibition in a series focusing on spiritual journeys, items on display unravel the relationship between East and West.
Behind a clouded glass facade on St Martins Lane lies The Front Room. This small, clean space has been the site of Crane.tv's
Happy birthday, Christian Louboutin! The world-famous red-soled shoe celebrates it's 20th anniversary today.
The V&A Museum has just announced plans to host an exhibition next year, featuring some of the most iconic dresses in British