Great news everyone if there is extraterrestrial life out there, it probably knows we exist. John Grunsfeld, a former NASA
The society has an outreach program and has a unique method of alleviating suffering in the world. They believe through channeling positive prayer energy and storing it in batteries, they can then release it around the world when critically needed.
Alien probes from far away worlds could already be in our solar system - but we're just too dumb to spot them. This is essentially
While the Geek Squad, or IT professionals as the PC (politically correct) brigade would prefer you to address them, have often kept their superiority a closely guarded secret, a study has revealed that these broad-minded individuals believe in extra-terrestrial life forms. Perhaps the language the IT professionals use isn't actually of this planet.
The history of our own planet is that civilizations boasting advanced technologies have subjugated and exploited the vulnerable. Should that guide our thinking on how aliens might treat us?
Ufology, a word not recognised by the dictionary, yet a word well recognised around the world. The study of the UFO phenomena and it's related subjects. But is Ufology changing and are we starting to see new faces with their own way of investigation?
Extraterrestrial microbes might have brought life to Earth after travelling through space for millions of years, say scientists
Edinburgh university is the first in the UK to offer a selection of free online courses, including one that teaches students
Reports of inexplicably mutilated animal carcasses have been around for years in the UK and around the world.
What would you do if you found an alien? Would you fight it? Take it to the government? Sell the rights to Steven Spielberg