Extreme Sports

One of the best parts of being a slow runner is that when I started taking part in races, I had an abundance of sexy lycra
Ever heard of 'blobjumping'? Also known as 'blobbing', it's essentially the art of leaping off a tower onto a big bag of
Just because someone happens to be paraplegic, that doesn't mean they can't do some seriously awesome stuff. Just take a
Back on 14 October 2010, serial daredevil Colin Furze took a modified mobility scooter to a racetrack and got it up to 71.59mph
'Snowboarder saved by airbag' - It doesn't seem to make any sense when it's written down, does it? But as this video proves
So this is unfair: not only does extreme sportsman - our term - Heath Frisby have an amazing name, but he's also the only
Think about it - if you had to guess, who would win in a race between someone on a mountain bike or someone on a snowboard
Adrenaline junkie Espen Fadnes may not actually be Superman (or a bird, for that matter), but he does a damn good impression