Fatboy Slim

More than nine million people in England drink in excess of the recommended daily limits, according the latest Alcohol Concern statistics, published in October. Considering the population is just over 53 million, that's one in six of us, alarmingly.
Zoe Ball and her DJ husband Norman Cook - better known as Fatboy Slim - have announced their separation after 18 years together
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The 18-year-old producer, real name Alex Crossan, began making music in 2014, and just a year later, revealed an hour-long
Pete Tong MBE, Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim), Carl Cox, the Chemical Brothers, Annie Mac, Sasha, DJ Goldie MBE, Andy C and BBC Radio 1's B.Traits are just a few of the famous DJs who have come out in support of Fabric. Most of these DJs scarcely play at the club themselves -- it's not a self-interest thing. They recognise the important contribution Fabric has made to the UK music scene.
'Kids always think what their parents do is naff.'
Fatboy Slim a.k.a Norman Cook might be known for his award-winning DJ skills in the music industry, but to his 15-year-old
From huge music stars to award-winning comedians...
The time is almost upon us, and in a matter of weeks, Dorset’s Lulworth Castle will open its doors again, for the 2016 Camp