FC Barcelona

The rationale behind Rakitic's purchase was simple; he was to provide the work-rate and dynamism not possible for the aging, battle-hardened limbs of Xavi. It has certainly worked too.
It's unclear whether he's slyly insulting the fans or just "rearranging" Looking towards the end of the match, the latter
The players are exhibiting a freedom and style to their play which had been alarmingly truant during the ill-fated spell of Gerardo Martino. Much to City's angst and trepidation, Barcelona have rediscovered that way of winning which makes racking off five or six goals on an afternoon's work curiously insouciant.
Wednesday's Atletico - Barcelona match saw five goals, a fight, a penalty and two red cards, but perhaps the most interesting
Barca are the bookies' favourites for the tie by some margin, but they may have it wrong. City have had their slump, this is the resurgence. Is it time for them to finally explode onto the European stage? Don't bet against it.
Racism, like a cockroach, has a disappointing tendency not to die. It's bad enough with one case occurring but when two happen in a week, you'd better call the exterminators. Thankfully there are those willing to take a stand; for every imbecilic action there is an opposite reaction.
Tito Vilanova, the former coach of FC Barcelona, has died after a long battle with illness. He was 45-years-old. The former
Sandro Rosell described the allegation he misappropriated funds from the signing of striker Neymar as "unfair and reckless
With Neymar going to Barcelona it brings some unanswered questions on just how manager Tito Vilanova will get the best out of Messi, Neymar, Iniesta, Pedro, Sanchez, Villa (if he is still there) and Tello, he can't play all of them... so what does he do?
As a Newcastle fan, I'm quite used to hearing ridiculous things - usually from our own supporters. But this one really tops the lot. Sports Direct News (yes that's actually a thing) has claimed that "low-level" talks have taken place between the Magpies and Wayne Rooney's agent, although an official offer is yet to be lodged. Go figure.