So imagine you're a seal. As a seal, you probably fancy having some fish. But what if the fish is on land, flapping away
"Icelanders went from Stone Age to modernity in one jump. That's why we believe in Elves, Trolls and ghosts but at the same time are a very modern nation." Pétur is answering the question of why Icelanders seem to act so spontaneously about so many things.
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Many of the world's fish stocks are in a state of crisis - right? And there is nothing that can be done about it? Well no. And that is the message that comes through today, following two years of research, conversation and thinking from the Prince of Wales's International Sustainability Unit (ISU) and the launch of a new programme to conserve fish stocks.
Health-conscious women who cut out red meat and live on a diet of mainly chicken and fish, could be doing their bodies more
I will be spending a quiet time at home on Christmas Day. I asked 'Digger Dave', a friend of the late 'godfather of British comedy' Malcolm Hardee if he had any memories of spending Christmas with Malcolm. Perhaps this was a mistake.
53-year-old fisherman Jeremy Wade is the host of ITV's River Monsters TV show, which sends our man Wade across the globe
A brainless and faceless fish was one of 15 rare species discovered during a series of marine surveys this year. The prehistoric
People who eat baked or grilled fish on a weekly basis may be improving their brain health and reducing the risk of developing
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The world has gone into "ecological debt", having used up more resources and produced more waste this
Experience the full sights and smells of nautical life at Furness Fish and Game A rainbow of vitamin-packed fresh fruits