Flight Delays

The shocking scenes in the video showing a passenger being dragged off a 'full' internal US flight, while his fellow passengers
Train, coach and ferry delays are also subject to compensations imposed by European law, but have received far less publicity. This is for a simple reason: Companies operating trains, coaches and ferries simply pay up when they are responsible for delays. It could really be this simple.
A great deal of media attention focused on the Royal Courts of Justice on 11 June this year. Air passengers suffering delays and cancellations due to misbehaving aircrafts shall no longer be left in tears with no remedy. Travellers' rights to compensations of up to €600 per person in cases of delays and cancellations were strengthened.
Flights across the UK have been cancelled because of early-morning fog. Arrivals and departures were cancelled at London
It has been a miserable day for thousands of air travellers after a computer problem caused chaos at airports around the
Passengers have described being trapped in an "unholy mess" after flights at airports across the UK have been thrown into
Passengers at Heathrow Airport faced chaos this morning after a computer glitch left them helplessly unable to check-in any
Thousands of holidaymakers face delays and frustration after an engine fire aboard a British Airways plane forced the cancellation
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Commuters struggle to get home at London Bridge Eurostar axed trains between London and Brussels while South West Trains