A woman who became stuck in rising flood water in Essex said she thought she "was going to die" after getting caught in the
Flooding is the biggest environmental threat facing the UK, according to Defra chief Scientist Sir Bob Watson. The risks of flooding are projected in increase significantly across the UK.
People living in areas prone to flooding - these days that's around five million homes - will find little comfort in a highly
It's ironic and symbolic of our times that an area of the world now appallingly wealthy thanks to being stocked to the eyeballs with oil is now under threat from the unsustainable impact of its trade in the black gold.
Children have been risking their lives to get to school as images released show students precariously crossing a broken suspension
Businesses have a responsibility to protect their staff in flood-prone regions, and also safeguard their assets so profits are not needlessly lost due to extreme weather events. In addition, individuals need to take some responsibility - flooding can affect anyone, and there are simple measures to take to ensure your home and belongings are safe from this uncertain future.
Three people have been killed and several injured after heavy rain brought death and destruction to the British Isles. Two
The south west of England and west Wales have been warned to brace themselves for heavy flooding on Monday evening after
An elderly British couple have been swept to their deaths in a flash flood while holidaying in Spain. The pair, understood
Millions of people will be "trapped" in areas at increasing risk from environmental hazards, such as flooding, around the