food shopping

When the children break up, the contents of my purse seem to just disappear! School holidays are expensive with childcare, entertainment, buying new uniform and now, according to recent reports, the average family food shop doubles over the six week break! Children love to snack and having them at home for every meal soon increases the food bill...
Six months ago I decided to stop shopping in supermarkets as an experiment. I haven't bought anything in a Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Aldi, etc. since December 31st 2013.
Does the thought of trawling the food aisles bring you out in a cold sweat? Do you dream of having everything you need condensed
The self-service checkouts were designed to speed up lengthy queues – but supermarkets have unwittingly created a generation
Families who plan their weekly food shop save up £1,500 a year and live healthier lifestyles, according to new research. A
Lately I have been watching old episodes of Man Vs Food on the Good Food Channel hosted by the legendary Adam Richman. I