Future technology

This is Russia's new tram, and it honestly looks like something out of a science fiction film. Called the Russia One or R1
Scientists have developed a new type of battery that can last longer and recharge faster than anything available today. Created
Hover cars are every child's dream: the idea of getting into a futuristic pod and being silently thrown from one end of the
This cloak will make you invisible to government surveillance techniques. There's just one slight issue... which is that
This is Pepper, it's a robot that can tell when you're sad. It can also help around the house or work in customer service
Imagine never being claustrophobic ever again, or curing a fear of roller coasters? Well researchers at the University of
About nine months ago, while giving a presentation on the impact consumer technology is and will continue to have on the workplace, I observed the phenomena of toddlers trying to switch over TVs by swiping the screen. Why do they do this? Because their point of reference is an iPad and three-year-olds already know how an iPad works.
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Mobile browsing while watching the TV? We're a nation of 'Dual Screeners' and advertisers are learning new tricks to keep us engaged.
I recently stumbled across something online that warmed the cockles of my heart, and sent me tumbling back to my childhood. You may have seen it already; it has been doing the rounds for years now, but has had a recent resurgence thanks to Twitter. I am referring to a perfectly copied Argos catalogue from 1985.