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Farage also heralded the shock election as marking the end of a period where “big business and big politics control our lives
Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who has built a populist base in the Netherlands raging against the “Islamisation of Europe
Rather than waiting for an implosion of the populist parties that may never come, the best bulwark against these movements is thus action against the deteriorating socio-economic conditions that give rise to them.
If we are to believe the headlines, following the European elections any visions of a united Europe will have to be shelved when euro skeptics will overrun parliament and bring the EU to a standstill.
It also depicted the Prophet Muhammad with a bomb on his head. The film was widely condemned and caused uproar in the Muslim
Regular readers of Homo economicus' Weblog know how I have read Dawkins' tweets and said - wait for the spin, why did he
Geert Wilders, the controversial Dutch politician who was briefly banned from entering the UK due to his views on Islam, has
Few Europeans in northern countries understand that to keep Greece economically alive (for now) is in their own interest. A domino effect unleashed by a chaotic Greek default will have devastating consequences.
Anti Muslim sentiments are contagious - now Holland has joined the widespread campaign in Europe to criminalise the face
Breivik was understood to have met leaders of the EDL in March last year when he came to London for the visit of Geert Wilders