Good News

Every now and then something happens which restores your faith in humanity. This time it’s these pictures of Las Vegas firefighters
Britain's youngest gun crime victim, thought to be left paralysed after being gunned down in a gang-related attack, has regained
If this was a plot of a Hollywood film, it would probably have been rejected for being too unrealistic. But on Wednesday
Think of Rose lying on that broken door by the sinking Titanic, shaking her beloved Jack. Mufasa falling off that cliff. Bambi's
The public do not care about your petty triumphs and little successes, they only become interested in your dull little life if something graphically horrible happens in it, preferably with pictures. That is what we are lead to believe by those that are dishing this stuff up.
On Monday evening if you were in a certain parts of the UK, you would have been lucky enough to witness a mesmerising rainbow
A student who has a rare degenerative muscle disorder, which has left him reliant on a wheelchair, wowed his fellow graduates
All the joy of a "snow day" - but in the sunshine? That was the aim of a small Christian school, which closed its doors on
Inspiring people come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. The people you choose as friends often inspire you. They lift you up instead of drag you down. Share your daily achievements with others and let them share theirs with you, and you never know who you might inspire next or who might tell you something that changes your life.
This has to be the most adorable picture of all time. The image photographed by the mother of the baby, caught her partner