government cuts

During his LBC radio show, James O'Brien spoke about the HuffPost UK report on bus cuts and they can deeply affect a community. He invited listeners to call in and tell their own stories.
It's almost the end of term. Teachers across the land are moving things around, changing rooms, cramming stuff into boxes if they're lucky enough to be getting a re-paint on the budget this summer. Maybe that's why all these instruments are in an Art and Design area in a senior school in Kent? But it's not the reason why. The actual reason is that there will be no more music at this school next year. It's gone. Music has left the building.
Last month the UK's largest ever healthcare petition was delivered to Downing street, containing 1.8 million signatures. Since then another 200,000 more patients, pharmacists and concerned citizens have added their concerns, asking that the government reconsider their ill-conceived plans to reduce investment in local pharmacies. Two million people have spoken, and all we are asking for is that the government simply listens.
Thousands of pounds, which might have been spent on B&B accommodation, substance- or violence-related hospital admissions, and re-imprisonment are saved when people are supported to heal and grow with specialist services and safe accommodation.
You can’t avoid it; in every newspaper, every day, another story about the NHS under increasing strain from all areas. Statistics
The government is cutting funding for disabled students in higher education, with the onus falling on universities to provide
Labour and the Liberal Democrats have slammed Conservative proposals aiming to cut support grants for England's poorest students
Behind the austerity sound-bites and 'all in this together' rhetoric our society is rich to vulgar proportions. We have the necessary wealth, only for it to be hidden away off-shore or within the pockets of the few, but that's a broader rant for another day.
Two news stories this week demonstrated the growing crisis in care for older people.First there were reports that the cost of a care home place is outstripping older people's incomes. Then councils said that they are hopelessly underfunded to deliver the government's reforms of paying for care.
Make no mistake, I am all for ensuring the police service isn't top heavy and is more able to respond to the ever changing needs of those it serves, but I would plead with the next Government to think hard about what policing means to the British public and encourage them to move quickly away from thinking about policing purely in the terms of numbers and figures.