Whilst the written word and audio visual content are (and due to human biology are likely to remain) the most prevalent message type, the combination of touch screen, big data, interactive and click through real-time world of the tablet should bring big benefits to all.
How long should you brush your teeth for before you meet Muhammad Ali? I had eaten a taco earlier in the day. What a fool I had been. A young fool full of the naivety of New York. What would happen if I did a taco burp as I was introduced to Muhammad Ali? It did not bear thinking about.
Every year for about a month, London gets a lot less funny. Vast swathes of the nation's favourite comedians all flock up to Edinburgh for the month of August. However, a few valiantly stay behind to participate in the ever growing Camden Fringe and one man gallantly at the forefront of this years fringe is James Mullinger.
Cheryl Cole is back in the limelight and after grabbing our attention in those leopard print pants, she's gone and done it
Jennifer Aniston is 43. FORTY THREE! With a body like that it's hard to believe she's not at least 10 years younger, despite
So according to the convention of pushing a couple's names together to make a supername (for which you can thank Bennifer
Keira Knightley is the latest leading lady to master the art of the smouldering and sultry GQ covergirl pose.
It seems like we can't go a day without being faced with some form of celebrity in their underwear at the moment:
Tory MP Louise Mensch has insisted she was joking when she complained in an interview about not having been promoted by the
Piers Morgan is to give evidence to the Leveson inquiry into media ethics and phone hacking, it has been announced. Lord