Where socialising in pubs is an important working class British tradition, Black barbershops and hair salons have long-been revered as safe spaces for people to convene and really be seen in more ways than one. These black hair styling business owners talk about what it means to be open after Covid-19 lockdown and why they are unique community hubs.
For the Bombshell star's next role, she makes a nerdy hairstyle look super chic.
*Books hair appointment immediately.*
*Books hair appointment immediately.*
The way society makes out, you’d be forgiven for thinking going grey was the death knell to having decent hair Ever Again
Graffiti hair is the coolest new trend to hit hairdressers in a long time. Using plastic stencils and temporary spray-on
You can still beautiful and feminine when wearing a glamorous ball gown or go for pinks and like Hello Kitty, have a soft and sensitive character just as much if you also have red dreads, an undercut, tattoos and piercings. As long as you do what makes you feel beautiful and is representative of your true, authentic self then remain unapologetic of your beauty. Do what makes you feel beautiful in yourself, for yourself.
As someone who has otherwise had the same mid length brown hair since I was four, the fringe was my little bit of statement, the only proper 'hair style' decision I have made - ever. But most of the time I wondered, as Kate is no doubt find herself doing soon, how wise a decision a fringe actually was.