Approximately 15million girls worldwide are married each year - that's one girl, aged under 18, married off against her will every two seconds. Married to a man chosen for her, sometimes two or three times her age, and who she may never lay eyes on until the day of the ceremony.
It has become obvious to me that certain apps have certain reputations and whilst many are claiming their users are seeking meaningful relationships, I find this hard to believe judging by the types of guys I come across time and time again. Here are the seven stereotypical male profiles you are likely to find on dating apps...
For the ghostee, being ghosted is awful. They may have really liked the person and will likely spend (at least) 24 hours checking their phone for a response telling themselves that their beau probably left their phone at home or has been kidnapped.
Of course we are all familiar with Tinder. It is simple to the point that even married people who would like to spice up their boring life or those who are convinced that the grass is greener on the other side can use it without any worry of getting caught.
Do you know what's more enriching to your life than sitting in an overpriced cocktail bar with a person you're never going to talk to again because there's less sexual frisson than your nan's 80th birthday party and you wish you'd just stayed at home drinking tea and watching Question Time? Going outside and talking to real people.