harvey nichols

Or at least the part of it that shops at Harvey Nichols. We know it's supposed to be tongue-in-cheek. But the Harvey Nichols
At least it makes a change from the sickly tone of its rivals' efforts. Posh department store Harvey Nichols has unveiled
Disgraced former MP Mark Oaten attempts to justify the unjustifiable - the cruel killing of animals for their fur - by calling the decision to purchase fur a "personal choice". Some things, of course, are a matter of choice - I still listen to 80s music - some things, however, are simply right or wrong.
It's not just here in the UK that we see a chipping away of personal freedom. The USA has always been proud to consider itself the land of the free, so it is ironic that customer choice seems to have suffered a significant blow in West Hollywood of all places.
It may not seem like the most fashionable place in the world, generally anywhere that isn't London, Paris, Milan or New York tends to get lost in the background noise of the fashion world, but Scandinavian fashion is making it big internationally and is slowly but surely creeping into London style.
I don't deem it worthwhile to compare Outlaw's at the Capital with Outlaw's in Rock. They are two completely different products for two entirely different clientele. What they have in common though is what is swift becoming brand Outlaw.
It was quite overwhelming to find the roots of our story were as the result of one incredible lady's inspiration and determination - and what a coincidence that Alfie Tate, one of the characters in the book had drawn a bird on his copper leaf, in memory of his teacher, because they had both "jumped for joy when they saw the first swallows of summer."
If I was to sing "Back to life, back to reality", you'll instantly recognise those lyrics as being from one of the biggest
A dog-loving barrister who claims she was assaulted and falsely imprisoned in Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, when she attempted
I love Edinburgh. There you go, I may be from Glasgow, which I also love, but I do love Edinburgh. I love to go there for day trips, and I love staying over for a few days to enjoy it even more.