helen goodman

Imagine if the referendum had gone the other way and people had voted to stay in the EU. Imagine further that the Government had said "right now we've a mandate to join the euro and the Schengen agreement". All hell would have broken loose, because of course that was not the question on the ballot paper.
Brexit poses no end of challenges for policy-makers and politicians, but who will think of the impact on our randy birds
Apart from a shared sartorial style I think Jiri and Jerry are quite different. I am increasingly worried by the cult of personality around Jeremy Corbyn. Some people seem to think with Jeremy Corbyn socialism is guaranteed; without him it is doomed. Any fantasy that Jeremy Corbyn is some sort of dissident martyr hero is totally misplaced. Let's look at the facts.
The issues at stake are the culmination of 40 years of legislation and it is extraordinary to suggest they should not now come back to the House of Commons. The priorities and trade-offs are extremely important to everyone living in the UK. Too important to be decided in Whitehall behind closed doors.
This should be a wake-up call to policymakers. Policies are put in place to improve wellbeing, not as a matter of dogma. When they cease to deliver we should change them. And I believe that we should now bring this free for all to an end and stop - not EU citizens - but all non-EU citizens from buying real estate in Britain.
The five things you need to know on Monday October 12, 2015... 1) PATRIOT GAMES The ‘In’ campaign for the EU referendum formally
In a modern economy a lot of productivity improvements which are needed for growth come from intelligent public interventions and spending. Osborne is wrong to think of public spending as inherently a burden on business.
Labour MEP Claude Moraes said he was "sad" that Goodman had not quickly deleted the tweet given the reaction it had. Liberal
Nearly 50 Labour MPs defied Harriet Harman to vote against the Tory welfare bill, slamming its cuts to child tax credits