holly lynch

I’m yet to meet a single person who is the mildest bit surprised, less bothered by the couple' decision, Holly Lynch MP writes.
There are many consequences of the ‘Friday filibusterers’ antics last week - my bill to extend the Living Wage to under 25s stands to be another casualty.
This is not a party-political issue, it's a topic that affects us all. That's why I am so pleased we are working together across party lines to protect these remarkable individuals. We need to make this kind of behaviour a taboo in our society and tougher sentences for those who carry out these despicable attacks sends the clearest possible message that they will not be tolerated.
A Labour MP revealed how she feared she would see a police officer attacked while out on the beat with him, as plans for
Under-25s do not pay less for gas and electric. They do not pay less for food or rent, so how can we justify paying them less for work? Up and down the country there are countless examples of young people who give it their all, are a huge asset to their employers, yet face the demoralising prospect of unequal pay.
It would take an under-25 an extra three weeks work to make up the difference
Under-25s are set to earn £600-a-year less than older colleagues for doing the same work thanks to the National Living Wage
The grief felt by rank and file officers will be accompanied by a renewed realisation that the tragedy could provide a springboard for other zealots to create mayhem and that officers, now more thinly spread than ever, could be vulnerable especially outside the major cities. The death of a brave officer in the most heavily policed area of the UK will indeed be a cause for concern.
From last month many workers under the age of 25 will have discovered that their pay package is substantially less than their older colleagues. People who are doing the same job and have the same level of experience are finding that they are being treated differently by their employer.