Governments need to get out of the habit of giving our money away. Grants should be reserved for charities. In all other aspects of governmental spending both nationally and locally they should be asking the question: 'what's in it for us?'
What I have learned from this is that while many of these people do need basic amenities such as food and clothing, what they are also equally in need of is companionship and community. Unfortunately because of their situation, homeless people are often marginalised from society and find difficulty in accessing the most basic of support.
Losing my job and flat over the same weekend in August 2009 was not a nice experience. There I was, 38 years old - unemployed and homeless. No hope, very few belongings and far too embarrassed to let others' know how I was feeling and what I was really going through.
The number of homeless households in England has risen by a quarter in the last three years, new figures show. Some 50,290
We all know there is homelessness in large metropolitan areas, but the truth is homelessness is everywhere and effects each and everyone of us. When British Airways graciously offered to sponsor my trip to London I knew I would have to spend some time in a rural community outside of the city.
For the past three years there has been talk about crossing over the pond to help our rough sleeping friends have a voice, but because of lack of funds it just never happen. Now, thanks to British Airways donating airfare, and my mother and step-sister making a large donation, and several donations from many wonderful people, I have spent an amazing week learning about UK homelessness spending most of my time out meeting rough sleepers.
When a caring cyclist saw a homeless man rummaging through a bin on a busy London street he stopped and offered to buy him
In 2000, Daniel Suelo took his life savings - $30 - and left it all in a phonebooth. From there on out, he has lived his
Over the past couple of weeks I have visited Occupy's Finsbury Square camp several times and each time have returned home disappointed with the pictures and the interviews.
Why should Occupy be different to any other organisation where mixed agendas struggle to get to the top of the pile? There are people who through sheer force of personality will have a stronger voice, a winning argument. Occupy is no different from the real world.