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Dennis Skinner has unleashed a withering quip at the government, as is his usual custom, when the Queen visited Westminster
If the Government of the day do not wish to see a Private Members Bill passed, then they should have the courage to say so. We owe it to the public to ensure that important matters are debated on their merits and not subjected to the parlour games that discredit us all.
Parliament will not be relocated out of London during a multi-billion pound refurbishment – but could move to the Foreign
With the launch imminent, the World Youth Organisation have said they intend to finalise the guest list, which already contains various figures from the charity alongside MPs, members of the youth parliament and notable journalists.
John Bercow's scathing scolding of MPs has won him the support of millions of Parliamentary spectators, and quite a few MPs
Fixing the crumbling Houses of Parliament could cost £5.7bn if MPs and peers refuse to move out of the building, a report
On 15th June, 800 years ago the unpopular King John met with his unruly Barons at Runnymede to sign Magna Carta...
The British landscape could soon include 3D printed homes, underwater cities and spaceports that will get us to moon and
The parties and their policies are certainly not all the same. And I do think you should vote if you can. Because, apart from anything else, voting is like making any other choice in life. Sometimes, you've just got to look at the information on offer, hope for the best and put your faith in someone.
A man who sparked an alert after getting onto the roof at the Palace of Westminster has been arrested on suspicion of criminal