HSBC customers have had their cards refused and access to online and phone banking cut after a technical glitch at the bank
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Former City minister Lord Myners has suggested that HSBC should move its UK retail arm to Paris to avoid
Customers should abandon banks that refuse to let them use the Post Office to carry out transactions, the employment minister
British banks are unfairly profiting from a taxpayer funded subsidy and should be cut down to size, according to a report
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The US government has begun legal action against 17 financial firms, including the country's largest
HSBC, the UK’s largest bank, has announced that it may axe up to 30,000 employees. The move comes despite announcing pre
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- HSBC will confirm 10,000 job losses as it announces its interim results on Monday, it has been reported
David Cameron’s Big Society Bank was launched on Friday with £600m to invest in charities and social enterprises. Now named
Perhaps now they've found the courage to challenge Murdoch, a few MPs might discover that in a democracy you can challenge anything and anyone.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Worries about the impact of the European debt crisis has knocked the UK's top four banks again, even