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While lots of us dream of finding the right job - one that gets us excited about going to work each day, challenges us to
Individuals are increasingly turning to social media to express their political views, and these posts can become heated and hostile. Employers should consider implementing policies to prevent employees from using workplace social media or the employer's IT resources to harass their colleagues or attribute personal political opinions to the employer.
To deliver on the immense opportunity of inclusive, motivated and high-performance employees, organisations need to change the parameters for success.
From 6th April 2017, large employers are under a responsibility to produce and publish a yearly report on their gender pay
I'm talking about the side of mental health we avoid talking about, the side that makes us feel embarrassed, the one that has a stigma and makes people feel uncomfortable - mental health problems. The truth is that throughout our lives we are very likely to experience a mental health problem, temporary or longer-term.
The major advantage of SPL is that both parents can choose to take leave off at the same time for a greater period than the initial two weeks paternity leave afforded to fathers, partners and secondary adopters. In theory, the employees themselves can decide how to divide the leave between them and this may be equally.
Miki Agrawal, the co-founder of underwear company Thinx, is denying claims she sexually harassed a former employee and engaged
Awareness is one thing but many people are left in the dark.
Lately, it appears that a week doesn't go by without news of more strike action taking place across the country, from junior