Humanitarian crisis

The Yemeni people have chosen peace and dialogue, in the hope that political transition will deliver a brighter future. For this dream to become a reality, the government of Yemen and international community need to live up to their promises and deliver funds to the people who need it most.
There needs to be more awareness of the plight of Syrian civilians in order to highlight this issue and further get the aid they so desperately need. The hospitals in Syria are struggling to accommodate the growing number of patients that need medical assistance and care.
Millions of people in Yemen are starving and in desperate need of aid humanitarian workers have warned, just days after a
From the Arab Spring to floods in Thailand and droughts in East Africa, children are often the most vulnerable in society
Tripoli residents have been promised food, fuel and medical supplies as rebel forces fought their way towards Colonel Gaddafi's
Germany has announced that it will lend €100m to the Libyan opposition to ease a growing humanitarian crisis in rebel-controlled