A year of poor chickpea crops is to blame.
Once again we have garlic to thank for coming to our rescue. According to a 2007 World Cancer Research Fund review, garlic
A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s told The Guardian it had decided to withdraw a number of lines after customers reported problems
Hummus is an Egyptian and Levantine dip or spread made from chickpeas or some other beans - cooked, mashed, and blended with olive oil, tahini (a sesame seed paste), lemon juice, garlic, and salt.
Hummus has been in the news this week with claims that it has more salt than four bags of crisps. I read the whole article and felt that it wasn't a fair like for like comparison, so I decided to share my own research with you on plain hummus vs ready salted crisps*. I will also cover the reasons why crisps tick all the boxes when it comes to snacking and what else you can try instead!
So other than avocadoes, hummus, kebabs, bus drivers, nurses, doctors, traffic wardens, cleaners, childcare, football, Eurovision, taxi drivers, scam emails, Bollywood, paving, yoga, tennis, rhythm, KFC, McDonalds, back stabbing knives, less racism, carnival, clean toilets, curry, money, telemarketers, what have the immigrants ever done for us? Nothing.
Hello chocolate chip cookie dough 😍