Ian Duncan Smith

10. Everything’s the fault of the Human Rights Act, obviously. 3. You just don’t get it The Secret Barrister, who also writes
It is a bit rich for the man who made EU baiting and hating an Olympic sport to claim the BBC is obsessed with Brexit. If the BBC or anyone else is obsessed with Brexit it is because our exit from the EU is going to dominate the government's and therefore the media's agenda for probably the next three or four years.
Gove, Farage, Johnson, Duncan Smith, Murdoch, Dacre and other Brexiteers... I will not forget the consequences of your actions, my sons will not forget, other sick children will not forget, and their parents will not forget. I hope you realise in time what you have done.
The constant bickering between and within the great Houses, led by the Brexiteers, could in the end result in the devastation of our economy to the massive detriment of everyday people, while the main characters continue to enjoy their extravagant lives.
The interview was filmed while IDS was still a cabinet minister.
Ian Hislop has revealed the bizarre moment that Iain Duncan Smith broke down and wept in front of him.  The Private Eye editor
People have taken to Twitter to add to the Department for Work and Pensions' bank of fabricated stories in the brilliant
After it was confirmed that Ian Duncan Smith would remain in cabinet as the work and pensions secretary, he wasted no time and pressed ahead with his welfare reforms, one of note being the back-to-cabaret scheme.
83% of foodbanks report ‘sanctioning’ is causing rising numbers to turn to them His comments come after the Church of England